How can we Help?

Our core services cover everything about being on the Internet, from domain management, email, conducting financial transactions, communicating, data collection, databases, and programming.

We work with all kinds of clients, big and small, so don't hesitate to reach out!
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The Basics

We do general business consulting regarding your Information Technology strategy on a company or individual basis. We can perform specific tasks in a wide range of areas, or help you evaluate and analyze new ideas by visualizing pratical solutions and estimating the costs to implement and run projects to completion.

If you're running a small business, doing most of the work yourself or with in-house staff, we can be a valuable team member. Working with a wide range of clients has made us flexable, and we are not locked in on selling a paticular branded solution. Beyond .Net development, we have years of experience with WordPress & WooCommerce, Shopify, SquareSpace, and Wix. We can help you set up eBay, esty, Poshmark, and Amazon FBA/FBM platforms too!

Social Media
Looking to develop a Social Media strategy for your company? Is your website or app well connected with all your Social Media accounts, and are you actually on all the right sites for your business? Have you thought about running ads on Social Media to increase traffic to your business and product offerings? Are you already running a YouTube site and you need help getting more subscribers, or assistance with mundane tasks like copywriting and thumbnails?

Internet Development
It's not just a website or an application to us. We know it's about transactions and money. How many visitors, how many connections, how many purchases, how much cost to operate? What about your Social Media strategy and other types of marketing? These are the questions we're going to ask before we start a new project. Of course we offer custom .Net solutions, but we can work on any platform.

There is more to domains than just buying them to use on the Internet. They are an intangable asset, and you have to protect them. If you've just got a couple and they are in one place, that's fairly straight forward. Just don't let them expire because your credit card expiration date changed. If you have a lot of them, and they are scattered across different providers, that's another issue. Sometimes you need to move them around between providers, or maybe you just want to consolidate everything in one place so it's easier to manage. Perhaps you have some unwanted domains that you want to try to sell? There are also DNS servers here, which is a different topic. We do that!

Having problems or want a new solution? This is a fundamental function of the internet and we've got this one. Email providers, servers, Exchange, Office360, and others. If you're paying too much for Email or something as simple as getting your messages to show up on your phone or in your Outlook folders... We do that!

Internet Servers.
There are web servers, database servers, email servers, application servers, DNS servers and a few others involved in setting up and running an Internet application. Working in a local development environment, on AWS or Azure, or maybe it's a GoDaddy thing? We do that!