Data Services

A stable platform to grow your business on! That is our goal, and our promise, for every project that we take on. In Nerd terms, we’re “Full-Stack” developers, but we are much more than that. The depth of our knowledge base easily spans the last 30+ years. We are professionals, and foundational things like application and database architecture is fundamental to what we do. We are well versed in all the “modern” programming languages, methodologies and technologies to make that a reality, and we have a solid foundation in transaction processing from our years in banking, and the last 25 years of eCommerce on the internet, so we are comfortable with applications that handle financial transactions.

Database Architecture and Design

We are principally Microsoft SQL and MySQL database experts, and our development platforms range from ASP.Net to WordPress.

The Database sitting behind your applications and websites is crucial to the entire enterprise, but we don’t like to talk about it, or hear about it for that matter. What is happening on the screen is important, but there is no more important piece of design work than the architecture of your databases, and how they are going to communicate with your application or website. Performance, manageability, ability to upgrade and administration are all impacted by these decisions. First, we’ll help you define your requirements, look at existing data sources, and start defining a structure to facilitate the application and data collection requirements. Data Dictionary and Schema in hand, the process of designing the state of the art tables, views, triggers and stored procedures that your work requires can begin. Details…

Programming, Scripting & Style

The appearance and content of every single page displayed to the user of your Website or App is influenced by these three elements. There are programs running on the machine where you host your website (Server), and there are programs running on the machine that your user is viewing your website on (Client), and there is a BIG dance going on between those two elements. There is also a private dance happening on the Server between the programming and the databases, and there is another private dance happening on the Client (Browser), as it renders and displays the page it has been sent.

That is a HUGE oversimplification, but it illustrates the Client/Server nature of modern application design. Thinking of the process as three separate , but simultaneous, dances not only sounds better than "programming”, but in essence that is exactly what is going on underneath. There are certain languages that are used on the Server side of things, and there are certain languages used on the Client side, so a combination of skills is required to make things work together.

We are skilled in all the modern languages and employ widely accepted best practices and methods in all of our code, always with an eye towards maintainability and ease of adding features in the future. Our pages will pass current HTML and CSS code validation standards, and any proficient programmer should be able to work with our code when we are done.

SERVER Side Languages

There are several languages we specialize in on the server side of your Application

  • C#
  • PHP
  • C++
  • Python
  • Json
  • Visual Basic

Cliet Side Languages

The Client side of your Application utilizes a variety of languages and methodologies to deal with speed and appearance

  • Razor
  • Blazor
  • AJAX
  • Javascript
  • Jquery
  • HTML5
  • CSS 3
NOTE: This is a partial list. There are MANY other languages, subsets, libraries and concepts that we are proficient with.

Operating System Platforms

The languages your Application is developed with depend in large part on the platform it will be running on.

  • Microsoft or Linux Operating Systems
  • Microsoft SQL & MySQL Database servers
  • Microsoft IIS & Apache Web servers
  • ASP.Net & .Net Core
  • .Net to Azure, AWS
  • .Net to Godaddy, others
  • WordPress